Approval App

Forget printed GDPR talent approval contracts. Create all your talent approvals directly from your iPhone or iPad

No more storage of paper archives

Collecting talent approvals using printed contracts is inefficient. You need to remember to print the contracts, bring them to set, make sure you don’t loose them, and keep them in a safe place where they're also easy to find if you should ever need them. Ugh!

The Talent Approval app makes all of this easy. With your iPhone or iPad you're always prepared to collect talent approvals on the go! Copy the approvals into your project folders, so that they´re always accessible together with your footage.

Customize your own templates

Copy and paste your own legal text and logos to customize your approvals. Add personal information and a photo of your talent, and let the talent sign directly on your device. Once collected you can email PDF versions of the approvals to yourself, to your talent and/or your producer, and now you all got a copy of your agreement!

Ready for work in big organizations

You can even share templates with colleges in an organization, so that you always have access to the same version in the app. If you feel nostalgic you can always print the PDF and get a good old paper version of the agreement if you like your archives!

An end to carrying bags of paper

This app is for anyone collecting approvals when you have someone in front of the camera in a professional setting, such as:

  • Photographers
  • Video professionals
  • Vloggers
  • Media Producers
  • Social media content
  • Agencies