General tutorial video

Check out our general tutorial video below to learn how to use the Talent Approval app. It should show you everything you need to know!

Starting a new project

  1. Press the “Start new project” button.
  2. Fill in the information you want to be part of the approval.
  3. You can change the logo to your own if you like. Chose what fields you want to use.
  4. Your project is now created.

Add approvals

  1. Press the the button for your project.
  2. The talent can now review the agreement, take a selfie picture and add their information.
  3. Press the “Sign” button and the talent can sign the agreement.
  4. The approval is done and you can return to the home page by pushing the home button.
  5. You can locate the approval in the “Projects” page or in the “Approvals” page.
  6. You can review the approval by choosing the approval from the list.
  7. You can then send it as a pdf file to any prefered email adress.

    The email is sent from your own mailbox on the device you are using.

    Please go to your personal mailbox to make sure the mail got sent properly!

New project from preset

  1. Press the “Start new project” button.
  2. You now have the option of creating a new project from scratch or choosing one of your previously created projects as a preset. If choosing a preset you may change all the parameters as you like.
  3. In the “Project” menu you can now review the different projects.


In the “Settings” menu you can enter your default values like your own approval title and text.

You can also change to your own logo and add your producer information.

If you add an email adress it will be the preset email for sending pdf approvals.

Don´t forget to save changes.

Good luck with your productions!

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